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this terrible battle with the Crees,
JT our chiefs decided that we should pick some
quiet place in the Rockies and spend the re-
mainder of the winter there. There were large
herds of wild horses running the ranges of the
big plateau between the Selkirk and the Rocky
Mountains—northern British Columbia—and our
fathers decided that we should stay here until
spring came, and then go west to this plateau and
capture a herd of good horses, before venturing
out on to the plains again.

We travelled north-westward through the
mountains until we came to the western foot-hills
of the Rockies, and here in a deep snow-covered
pocket of the Rockies we settled down for the
remainder of the winter.

In our band at that time we had a very noted
warrior and hunter named Eagle Plume. It was
the custom in those days* when the men were
being killed so often and the women were growing